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Toys for Children Toy Guidelines

Toys donated are suitable for children in pre-kindergarten though second grade.

Large and/or elaborate toys can be difficult to distribute. If members want to do this kind of toy, it is suggested that they donate it for auction at one of the groups functions. Proceeds to go toward purchase of wheels.

  1. Safety of the toy to prevent injury to a child is the primary object when handcrafting any toy.

  2. Toys designs are to be suitable for children three (3) years old or older. Suggested size is 3 to 8 inches in length.

  3. Toy finishes may be either paint or natural as the maker desires. None of the finishes available on the market today are toxic after curing completely. Finishes should, nonetheless, be verified to not contain lead!

  4. The use of rub-on or glue-on decals is not recommended; however, if a maker feels decals add to the authenticity or correctness of the toy, all decals should be over sprayed with a clear spray so that a child cannot pick the decal off the toy.

  5. When designing a toy, remember we are making toys for children and not adults.

  6. All pieces comprising a toy should be thoroughly glued using a water resistant glue such as Titebond II.

  7. No metal fasteners such as nails, staples, brads or screws are to be used.

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