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Each month there is a presentation or a demonstration after the business meeting

Club Presentations and Demonstrations

Member Presentations

PDF documents

Member Videos

Oils in cold weather  / Wally Dickerman  

Mason jar lid chucking / Terry Glover 

No ring slim line pen / Terry Glover 

Doodle box assembly / Terry Glover

Birdhouse ornament / Ken Tower

Breadboard ends / Ken Tower

Dovetail drawer / Ken Tower

Fan pulls by Frank Pickett

Finger joint box / Mike Philips

Mason jar lid / Paul Swane

Mystery turning / Frank Pickett

Pant hanger / Frank Pickett

Resin casting / Terry Tjaden 

Scroll saw intro / John Nicholson

Table saw demo / Ken Tower 

Keepsake boxes... / Frank Pickett

Segmented bowls / John Nicholson  

Segmentation / Ken Tower  

Cup and ball game / Frank Pickett  

CNC Videos

Outside Demonstrators

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