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Meeting Schedule




January 06 DWA

Demonstration: 3D Compound Cut Name Plate (John Nicholson)

President's choice: Small project

January 27 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)*

February 03 DWA


Demonstration: Making a toy car 

President's choice: Heart / valentine / love-themed project

February 24 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)

March 02 DWA

Demonstration: Wood Finishing (Mike Phillips)

President's choice: 2 x 4 Contest  

Make something from a 16" piece of construction-grade 2 x 4 using no other wood, screws, nails, or other 

fasteners (glue only). 


March 23 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)* 


April 06 DWA 

Demonstration: Bench Planes (Dale Benson) 

President's choice: Best Joint (in a box) 

                                        (Even better in a Beads of Courage Box)

April 27 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)*

May 04 DWA 


Demonstration: "Spring Fling" 

                      Multiple demos following brief business meeting 

                           Lunch, optional, $15 per person

President's choice: Foot Rest

May 25 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)*

June 01 DWA 

Demonstration:  CNC (Adrian Barton)

President's choice: Cutting, Cheese, or Snack Board

June 22 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)*

July 06 DWA 

Demonstration: Knife Handles (Bob Deines)

President's choice: TBA 

July 27 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)* 

August 03 DWA

Demonstration: Bottle Stopper  

President's choice: (Epoxy-) Filled Object 

August 24 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)*

September 07 DWA 

Demonstration: Burl Turning (Bob Deines) 

President's choice: Most Useful Jig 

                                          (Your design and / or manufacture.)

September 28 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)* 

October 05 DWA 

Demonstration: Turning Pens for Troops

President's choice: Donation Item 

                                          (for Community Service groups, FWHS, other) 

October 26 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)* 

November 02 DWA 

Demonstration: TBA 

President's choice: Finish It 

                                          (An object demonstrating your "go to" finish; include what, why, and how.)  

November 23 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)*

December 07 DWA  

Demonstration: Ornament Auction  

President's choice: Auction Item 

                                         (Ornament, holiday-themed serving tray, etc.)

December 14 

Christmas Party (with Southern Arizona Woodturners Association) 

Everyone bring something to auction, and / or buy.  

December 28 CNCUG (Zoom meeting)*  

* Contact Adrian Barton, CNCUG program coordinator ( to receive an email invitation and link to the next CNCUG Zoom meeting.  

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